Small group tours

Our small group* tours around Cuba are the perfect way to share your holiday with other travelers like you. On this tours, you will visit the most alluring cities and places of the island. At the same time, you will learn about Cuban culture and history in a safe and fun way. You will be escorted by your private guide (one of us) thru the hole tour. Even though there is an itinerary in common for the entire group, we make sure to leave enough room to personalize the tour as you wish. There will be “free days” when you can choose optional activities which your guide will be happy to arranged.    

*Small groups sizes vary from 4 to 12 travelers.

Next scheduled small group tour will start in:

Upcoming tours

The following list doesn’t includes our scheduled birding tours.

*If you don’t find a date and/or itinerary that suits you, feel free to contact us and we’ll make it for you.


Starting date

Finishing date

A taste of Cuba

September 19th 2019

September 26th 2019

Western Cuba marvels

October 6th 2019

October 18th 2019

The original 7

November 17th 2019

November 28th 2019

Western Cuba marvels

December 8th 2019

December 20th 2019

A taste of Cuba

January 1st 2020

January 8th 2020

Western Cuba marvels

January 10th 2020

January 22st 2020

Active week

February 1st 2020

February 7th 2020

The original 7

February 21st 2020

March 3rd 2020

Western Cuba marvels

March 6th 2020

March 18th 2020

Bella Cuba

March 20th 2020

April 3rd 2020

A taste of Cuba

April 5th 2020

April 12th 2020

Active week

April 28th 2020

May 4th 2020

Caribbean breeze

May 9th 2020

May 17th 2020

Western Cuba marvels

May 22nd 2020

June 3rd 2020

Sunny days

June 8th 2020

June 14th 2020

Caribbean breeze

July 1st 2020

July 9th 2020

Western Cuba marvels

July 15th 2020

July 27th 2020

Caribbean breeze

August 14th 2020

August 22nd 2020

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