Private tours

Our private tours are for those who prefer to go their own way. You can follow your passions at your own pace, our job and pleasure is to make it happen. Just point out a date and decide an itinerary to go with, or give us and idea of what you have in mind. At any point of the tour, your guide will be happy to make changes to adjust the itinerary to any new activities you might want to add.

If you need some inspiration, you can always have a look at our holiday goals or check out our blog.

If you already have an idea of what you want for you trip, you can fill up the following form and we’ll start from there.

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(Please, let us know if you require any special diet (like vegan or vegetarian)or if you are allergic to some kinds of food (specify which))
Please, let us know any information relevant to your trip. If you already have it, you could include your flight details for the airport pickup and dropoff. We will be in contact with you so you can give us this information at any point in the future.

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