Multi-day tours

There are many ways of discovering Cuba and have an epic holiday. Experience, in the other hand, has shown us there are a few things that should never change. First, you can travel around the island without staying in a hotel; casas particulares (guesthouses) are a great way to get in touch with the real Cuba and its colorful people. Check our FAQ blog for more info on this. Second, there are some places you simply can’t miss. We encourage our clients to include them in their itinerary. 

When it comes to plan their holiday, we give our clients two main options: Either you choose to share you trip with other travelers, or you decide to go with your own party and itinerary. You will have your own guide and private transportation both ways; there will be a slight difference in the level of flexibility you’ll get on your trip, for obvious reasons.

Small group tours

Connect with other travelers and share a unique experience

Private tours

Customize every detail on your trip.

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