Payment methods

Making clients happy is Cuba 360´s main goal. With that in mind, we try to be as flexible as possible in order to create an experience that satisfies our clients’ needs. We decided not to make our payment methods an exception to this rule. We believe if you can choose on what to spend your well earned money,then you should be able to decide how to spend it.

We accept


You can usually fully pay in cash for our daily tours and experiences in Havana, with a few exceptions when you will be required to make a small deposit. Also, if you go for a multi-day tours, you must pay your deposit via Pay Pal or credit card, and the rest can be paid in cash anytime before the tour starts. In that case, you can pay with a selection of currencies besides the local one (CUC). We accept British pounds, Canadian dollars, euros and US dollars (paying in US dollars incurs in a 10% penalty fee, imposed by the Cuban government). The exchange rate is to be determined before the day the tour starts, so please, let us know if you have the intention to pay in one of these currencies so we can send you a quote.

You can use Pay Pal and/or credit cards to pay for any of our services. After you decide to take one of our tours, you can fill up a form and we will send you a quote and a payment link, together with some additional information and answers to any requests you might have.

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