Cuban cocktails workshop

This is a unique opportunity for those who enjoy having a nice mojito or any other Cuban cocktails. With us, you’ll be able to take it to the next level. We will start with a walking tour around some of the most emblematic bars in Cuba: ‘Floridita’, ‘La Bodeguita del Medio’ and Sloppy Joe’s; well known for being the birthplaces to some of the Cuban classics, including the daiquiri and mojito. Also, a drink is included in one of the bars. Afterwards, we’ll stop at a rooftop terrace where you will take a lesson on how to prepare some of the best Cuban cocktails. Then, you can practice your new skills as much as you like. The only condition is you have to drink everything you prepare; this rum is too good to be wasted!

Location: Old Havana.

Starting point: In front of the capitol building.

Starting time: Any time after 12:30 PM

Duration: Over 3 hours.

Price: $50/ per person


The tour goes ahead with a minimum of 2 clients . Also, there is no restriction on the duration of the tour; it only depends on how much you and your party might want to relax and drink.

Keep in mind most Cuban cocktails include sugar or honey. Therefore, they can be not suitable for diabetic people when consumed in large amounts. Please, contact us if you have any questions or if there is anything we can help you with.

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Please, select a meeting point near the starting point of the tour unless transportation is included. A meeting point can be an address or, arternatively, you could use a reference point. Ex: "We shall meet at Havana's Cruise Ship Terminal at 9:00 am".
Our main goal is to make things easier for you. We appreciate your help.
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