About us

Cuba 360 is born from the desire of making real our customers’ dreamed trip to Cuba. With that in mind, every tour and experience is carefully designed by our team members, taking into account our client’s wishes and mixing it with the “know how” several years of experience have give us. Unlike any other agency, our company was established and it’s managed by the same guides that will join you on your trip. Some time ago, we decided it was time to make things in our own way and create something truly unique. By removing the “middle man” from the equation our clients will be getting unparalleled levels of flexibility, personalized treatment and, overall, the most competitive prices on the market.

Why 360?

The idea behind our name is very simple: We aim to offer the most integral and high quality service, available to every traveler who visits our lovely island.

The founders


Hi, my name is César and I studied Geo-Chemistry. I'm the senior guide at Cuba 360 and my specialties include birding and botanic. I also know my fair share of reptiles and butterflies. I've been hosting birding tours for over 25 years now, because of that, I'm featured in a few ornithology magazines, websites and some guides like Lonely Planet.

Tour guide making a cocktail during a holiday in Cuba

César Jr.

Hello, I'm César and I'm passionate about this beautiful island I live in. I'm a computer scientist by career, making cocktails is my hobby and showing other people my country is the thing I just love the most. I have traveled Cuba from one end to the other countless times and there aren't many things that remain a secret to me. So pack your things and let's share a unique experience together.


When I was a child I wanted to be a dancer. Later in college I was getting ready to be an architect like my Mum, but against every prognostic I fell in love with Economics. I love to meet and talk to new people, exchanging stories and culture, so learning English and working in tourism came naturally to me. My goal is to provide our clients with their own unique experience in this magical island.


After finishing high school, I started college to become an engineer; But it wasn't my thing. Music and art came into my life so I moved to a Bachelor Degree in History of Art, and it became my passion. Working as a tour guide became a great opportunity to apply my knowledge, share about the Cuban culture and meet new people.

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