Havana Jazz Festival: The ultimate jazz experience.

The 35th Havana Jazz Festival will be held from January 15th to January 19th, 2020. The official schedule hasn’t been released yet but, judging by all the past years, it’s going to be a unique event, full of surprises and terrific music. For this occasion; Cuba 360 has organized a special tour for all those keen to join and enjoy a week in a city full of magic.Also, for those who which to go a bit further and explore outside of western Cuba, we have prepared an alternative itinerary that covers some of the highlights of Cuba east of Havana. From perfectly preserved colonial Trinidad to French founded Cienfuegos, travelers will get a real touch of Cuba in the days before the start of the Havana Jazz Festival.

One of the many perks of choosing us for organizing your tour is that we’ll get you a VIP pass for all the events and venues of the Havana Jazz Festival. Your guide will give you an updated schedule every day, so you can decide which venues and what musicians to follow.

Besides the music in the evening, you’ll be embarking every day in tours and activities in and outside of Havana escorted by your guide. Daytime will give you a unique perspective of Cuban culture, enriching your Havana Jazz Festival experience.

Our tours are always available for groups and for people who prefer a more intimate environment and decide to go on a tour. Going in a private tour means you’ll get extra flexibility, so we’ll be able to create your own tailored itinerary. Going in a group means that you’ll be in contact with other people, make some friends, connections.

We have our own way of doing things and we firmly believe our tours are a unique opportunity to get to the heart of Cuba and learn about its people, music, cuisine, history, etc. For that purpose, we insist in our clients to stay at houses rather than hotels. Hotels are the same everywhere and there is nothing authentic about the ones in Cuba. In the other hand, if you stay at a house, you’ll be able to interact with locals and other travelers, although you always have the option of booking an entire apartment just for you. In any case, houses have the same commodities than hotels, and the kind of treatment you’ll get from other people will be over the top.

Our Official tours:

Visiting: Havana + Viñales

Duration: 7 days, 6 nights

Price: starting at $1500/ per person

Visiting: Havana+ Viñales+ Santa Clara + Bay of Pigs + Cienfuegos + Trinidad

Duration: 10 days, 9 nights

Price: starting at $1900/ per person

Havana Jazz Festival: A bit of History.

The Havana Jazz Festival (Cuba Jazz Festival or Jazz Plaza) was born in 1978 when Bobby Carcasses, and other well-known Cuban Jazz musicians, presented the first Jazz concert at the Casa de la Cultura de Plaza in downtown Havana. This is the origin of the title ‘International Jazz Festival Plaza’ because it finds its birth in this open-air venue. The Casa de la Cultura de Plaza hall, with its pleasant intimate outdoor terrace, is still one of the places where concerts and jam sessions take place during the Havana Jazz Festival. Based on this success, another Jazz festival was organized the following year, featuring pianist Chucho Valdes. Renowned artists such as Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach, Charlie Haden, Roy Hargrove, Jack DeJohnette, Danilo Perez became part of the Havana Jazz scene on a regular basis.

In 1996 Chucho Valdes became artistic director of the Havana International Jazz Plaza Festival and president of the Organizing Committee with Alexis Vazquez Aguilera as the vice president. The festival has since expanded to include all the main concert halls in downtown Havana, not to mention impromptu street jam sessions along the Malecon.

Boby Carcassés

Boby Carcassés

Chucho Valdes with a piano

Chucho Vadés

Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club

The 34th Annual Havana Jazz Festival was held January 18 to 20, 2019.

Among the scheduled performing artists were Chucho Valdes, Arthur O’Farrill, Joe Lavano, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Ted Nash, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Jessy J, Bobby Carcasses, Sandy Shore, Roberto Fonseca, Michael Lington, Harold Lopez-Nussa, Jorge Reyes, Los Brujos, Iba Ibo Yoruba Specimen, The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra, Wayne Wallace, Big Energy Ensemble, Anton Doyle, Doug Martin, CABOCUBAJAZZ, Gryssel Ramirez, Justo Almario, Yasek Manzano and the Cords Quartet, NaatBerahman, Michel Herrera, Ernan Lopez-Nussa, Klimax, Orlando Sanchez, Bellita y Jazztumbata, Emilio Morales, William Roblejo, Alfred Thompson, Habana d’ Primera, Mezcla, Jesus Fuentes y Santo Tomas Conection, Oscar Valdes y Diakara, Ruy Lopez-Nussa, Cesar Lopez y Habana Ensemble, Rolando Luna, Javier Salva, Aire de Concierto, Emir Santa Cruz, Jorge Luis Pacheco, Sexto Sentido, Alejandro Falcon y Cubadentro, Ernesto Camilo Vega, Ta Bueno Jazz, Gala Mayor, Habana Sax and many other local Cuban Jazz musicians.

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